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Hello there! I am Jeslyn, a freelance illustrator from Florida with a passion for watercolors, animals, nature, food, and architecture.



Like many artists, I have been drawing my entire life. I started freelancing in 2007 while I was still in college at Ringling College of Art and Design and absolutely loved it. I knew then that I didn't just want to be an artist, I wanted to create and run my own business. Now I am so fortunate to work with amazing clients to create meaningful art! 

If you are a current client reading this I want to say “Thank You” because it's been a privilege working with so many wonderful people to create amazing things. If we have yet to collaborate then maybe it’s time to get in touch!

Train Ride_edited.jpg


I am available for commissions and would love to work with you! Please get in touch and we will collaborate. 


Gulf Breeze, Florida 32563

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